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If you have diabetes, you MAY express long-withheld emotions - sometimes chaotically. A diabetic patient may be unaware of even severe mood swings; and act as if a current emotion is a valid basis for long-term decisions. Yet they may also quickly forget such conversations. Criticised family members, and business associates affected by hasty decisions may respond with their own emotions and reduced trust for you. But the good news is you DON'T have to let that happen. You don't have to suffer blindness, heart disease or even amputation. Are you Living With Diabetes ? Connect with others with similar health concerns and issues. Click here to join the group. If you don't know him, he has too many records to list. Here are a few. Santo played third base for the Chicago Cubs from 1960 to 1973. In his career, he was the only third baseman in all of history) to go eight seasons with 90 urns-batted-in. He has won 5 Golden Glove Awards. He was also a 9-time All Star. In addition he is true team player as evidenced by the fact that from 1966 to 1974 he held the NL record for assists in a single season. Many men go through a period of guilt, anger and remorse when they find out they have type 2 diabetes. Natural remedies for the diabetic foot may be able to help you lessen nerve pain and heal cuts or minor injuries faster. Never ignore injuries to your foot if you are diabetic - they can rapidly become serious infections ending in amputations or even death. You must see your doctor and get proper medical attention. You would want to get the best-absorbed and utilized forms of these remedies. Thus, for alpha-lipoic acid, look for the R-form and make sure it has been stabilized. For curcumin, there are enhanced forms that will say on the label that they have been shown clinically to have better absorption from the gut. In this article and other follow-up articles, I shall highlight the dangers of diabetes if left untreated and the possible consequences that may result. I know because I had first hand experience of it as I had seen both my parents and three of my aunts and an uncle suffered from diabetes as well as myself. I am not sure about others but even though I knew that I am in the high-risk group, I refused to believe until I was diagnosed as diabetic. I had early warning signs but failed to take precautions to avoid it.diabetic foot exam Though not all sperms were damaged in the samples from diabetic men, it was a clear sign of a damaged reproductive system, and can lead to infertility. Semen from men who are neither diabetic nor undergoing infertility treatment is likely to contain drastically healthier sperms. This test showed that diabetes could be linked to male infertility indirectly, but more wide-ranging research is necessary before the results can be proclaimed as a fact. Whatever the outcome of the research, it is clear that diabetes does indeed have an adverse effect on male fertility. The extent of that, though, is still unclear. One of the most serious concerns for diabetics involves care of the feet. Diabetics must always be protective of their feet. Taking good care of the feet involves several factors. The first is closely monitoring glucose levels, and maintaining good control. A second factor involves physically taking good care of the feet themselves, through a regular routine of cleaning, inspection, protecting, and wearing good-fitting shoes on the feet. Your podiatrist will talk to you about precautions such as not walking around barefoot, wearing special protective socks on the feet, and being cautious when cutting the toenails or manicuring the feet. Up above, the crashing of the wave tosses wild currents around the coral. A small damselfish swimming through the reef is tossed against the reef and nicks itself on the sharp coral. Three shiny scales scrape away and drift motionless, until the current starts to spin them about. A tiny drop of blood slowly seeps out into the ocean. Startled, the little damsel scurries away, out into the open ocean. Thousands of people are search for assist with diabetes and there are varied things you can do. But what is the most effective diabetes natural cure? Your doctor's answer will be plenty different than a natural health doctor's answer. Allergic skin reactions can occur in response tomedicines, such as insulin or diabetes pills. You should see your doctor if youthink you are having a reaction to a medicine. Be on the lookout for rashes,depressions, or bumps at the sites where you inject insulin. DiabeticBlisters (Bullosis Diabeticorum) These sores look like burn blisters. They sometimes arelarge. But they are painless and have no redness around them. They heal bythemselves, usually without scars, in about three weeks. They often occur inpeople who have diabetic neuropathy. The only treatment is to bring blood sugarlevels under control. EruptiveXanthomatosis